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26 December 2018
2018 operating results of Svarog West Group Corporation

Svarog West Group Corporation summed up the yields of main crops in 2018.

Today, Svarog West Group Corporation processes about 80 thousand hectares of land in Khmelnytskyi, Chernivtsi and Zhytomyr regions, where a wide range of crops are grown using traditional and organic technologies. So, operating with many years of practical experience and a friendly team of professionals. Agricultural holding "entered the season-2018" agronomically and technologically correct and, despite the capricious weather conditions throughout the year, received good yields on the main crops, which were processed by traditional technology (in test weight):
  • winter wheat - yield 6.81 t / ha;
  • Spring wheat - yield 3.17 t / ha;
  • corn - yield 10.63 t / ha;
  • soybeans - yield 3.58 t / ha;
  • Brewing barley - yield 5.78 t / ha;
  • beans - yield 2.56 t / ha;
  • sugar beet - yield 51.20 t / ha,
  • and 4.81 t / ha of winter wheat (processed by organic technology).
“Today the company has the main indicators of grain to be proud of. The autumn planting campaign was successful. We sowed 16 thousand hectares of winter wheat and 3,255 hectares of winter rape,” - Serhii Filiuk commented, member of the Board of Directors, CEO of the “Crop Production” Project, Svarog West Group Corporation.
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