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27 June 2019
5th International Conference on Organic Crop Production & Organic Field Day

On June 20-21, 2019, the 5th International Conference on Organic Crop Production & Organic Field Day "Best European Organic Practices and Ukrainian Experience", organized by Organic Standard, LLC and Agroecology PE, was held at the Poltava State Agrarian Academy.

The conference was attended by Olha Trofimtseva, acting Minister of Agrarian Policy. She declared the government support for the organic sector in Ukraine.
The meeting was attended by the speakers (practitioners, scientists, government officials) in the following areas:
- cultivation and processing of organic products;
- technical support of organic production;
- export of organic products;
- cooperative movement;
- requirements for organic products.
The participants talked about the implementation of the adopted Law of Ukraine “On Basic Principles and Requirements for Organic Production", turnover and labeling of organic products, which will come into effect in August 2019.
Olha Bykova, Head of the soil analysis laboratory, Svarog West Group Corporation, spoke at the conference (section “Plant nutrition”). She talked about plant nutrients in organic farming, the role of microelements and the balanced composition of soil cations in the life of its microorganisms and crops.
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