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16 August 2019
Аgro Champions 2019

“Exceed the limits! Think like a champion” — it was a slogan of the official awarding ceremony Agro Champions 2019, organized by AgroPortal.ua in partnership with the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club on August 14 as part of a large-scale field event - UCAB Agrotechnology.

The leader in the nomination "Chief Engineer" became Sergii Ishchuk, Technical Director, Svarog West Group Corporation!
Congratulations! We are so proud of you!
Sergii Ishchuk, winner in the nomination "Chief Engineer"
First of all, an effective manager is a professional in his field, who knows how to organize work and be a leader in a team, is able to act in conditions of risk, which are characterized by the following qualities: sociability, discipline, responsibility, determination, insistence, perseverance, independence, in which words are combined with affairs.
In his work he should be guided by such life principles: honesty and truthfulness, justice and objectivity, self-confidence, a developed sense of duty and responsibility, tolerance, decency, self-criticism, a sensitive attitude towards people, organization, composure, a high level of general culture.
Reputation is one of the most important factors in any field. After all, if a company manages to gain a good reputation, it means that it was able to inspire trust among its customers and partners primarily through its actions. And trust is a factor that has a direct impact on the future of the company. Therefore, in order to achieve a good reputation, you need to develop your advantages and neutralize disadvantages.
In my opinion, you can perfectly cope with your duties without having many years of experience behind you. The ability to quickly adapt in a stressful situation is undoubtedly an important skill for employees, but the most important thing is the ability to act correctly in such situations, because quick decisions require a clear plan of action and a professional point of view.
My family inspires me the most. A wife who supports and motivates me every day, and for whom I am always ready to conquer new heights, and our two beautiful daughters who illuminate my days with bright, loving light. And, of course, my work, which grew into a vocation. After all, love for your work makes every day inspirational, emotional and joyful.
The most important thing I would like to advise young professionals is to love my job. This is a great foundation for building success, but of course it is just the foundation. In order to become a winner, you need to be the best. And it is precisely the desire to be “the best” that encourages you to know and be able to do more than others, will give strength in order to solve and make the right decisions, find new and innovative ways to solve problems and not be afraid to voice them.
But in any competition for the title "professional in their field" it is important not to forget to be human. To be able to take responsibility for their actions, to be disciplined and focused, to be sincere and unselfish, and act in the interests of the cause, not for their own gain. And then you can achieve significant success.
Агро Champions 2019
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