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18 September 2017

Expected agrievent of Khmelnytsky region - "Agro-Podillia 2017" brought not only aesthetic pleasure to its visitors, but workers of the Svarog West Group Corporation recieved some awards.

On September 16, in Khmelnitsky, on the territory of the shopping and service center "Podilliia", the main agrievent of the region was held - the jubilee thirtieth exhibition-fair "Agro-Podillia 2017". Event presented the best samples of the food industry of the Khmelnitsky, agricultural equipment and equipment of the leading domestic and foreign manufacturers.
Citizens and guests of Khmelnitsky had an opportunity to get acquainted with a wide range of industrial and food products, beekeeping products, products of folk craftsmen, products of organic production, processing industry, etc. Traditionally, the event caused a boom, because the visitors were hospitably invited not only to see, but also try the best food samples industry of the region.
During the celebrations, the chairman of the Khmelnytsky Regional State Administration, Olexander Korniychuk, awarded Honorary Diplomas to the best workers in the agricultural sector of the region, including the employee of the Svarog West Group Corporation, Taras Nikolaenko, the engineer of "Seredinetske" Ltd. The company is proud of the awards of its employees, and the role of the corporation, as a highly efficient producer, in the development of the region's agricultural sector.
Агро-Поділля 2017
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