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29 November 2018

November 25, 2018, Combat Sambo Ukrainian Cup among youth (born between 2002-2011) took place in Kyiv in the Track and Field Athletics Hall, Bereznyaki.

The organizer of the competition was Combat Sambo Federation of Ukraine with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, in cooperation with the Department of Youth and Sports, Kyiv City State Administration. The competition was attended by 365 athletes from 19 regions of Ukraine. 
The results table of athletes (Khmelnytskyi region): 
Ilya Krivenko  - 2nd place, 30 kg, "Combat" Sports Club, Khmelnytskyi. 
Andrii Hryponyuk - 2nd place, 48 kg, "Combat" Sports Club, Khmelnytskyi. 
Bohdan Monk - 2nd place, 68 kg, "Peresvet" Sports Club, Shepetivka. 
Ilya Rudich - 3rd place, 33 kg, "Peresvet" Sports Club, Shepetivka.  
Ilya Rynda - 3rd place, 68 kg, "Burevesnik" Sports Complex, Khmelnytskyi. 
Anton Marchuk - 3rd place, +74 kg, "Combat" Sports Club, Khmelnytskyi. 
Oleksandr Karetskyi - 3rd place, +74 kg, "Peresvet" Sports Club, Shepetivka.   
The athletes were trained by Oleksandr Marchuk, Oleg Rudich, Vadim Budzikhivsky, Dmytro Dmytrach and Stanislav Kushik. 
Svarog West Group Corporation congratulates the winners and wishes them new victories! 


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