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03 September 2018
Conscientious taxpayers in Khmelnytskyi region 2017

August 30, 2018, before the Day of a businessman the awarding ceremony of the winners of the regional rating in the category "Conscientious taxpayers-2017" was held.

The purpose of the rating is to create favorable conditions for the development of mutually beneficial cooperation between the state and business, rewarding the best achievements of taxpayers, enhancing the reputation of conscientious taxpayers in business, society and the state. The chances for victory in this competition are even among the smallest entrepreneurs, since an important role in the evaluation is played not by absolute, but by relative performance indicators.
"Lotivka Elit", LLC is one of the largest enterprise of Svarog West Group Corporation, which this year became one of the top 9 taxpayers in the region. CEO of the enterprise Ivan Klyap has received the diploma of the winner in the category "Conscientious taxpayers-2017" in a nomination "Agricultural sector — crop production".
The Chairman of the Council of the Territorial Branch of Ukrainian Public Organization "Taxpayers Association of Ukraine" in Khmelnytskyi region Rostyslav Semkiv congratulated all conscientious taxpayers. He noted that the assessment of taxpayers took into account the following main criteria: the amount of taxes paid, the number of jobs, the level of wages, social load. On this occasion, he wished everyone health, wisdom and high achievements.
Therefore, we congratulate the team of "Lotivka Elite", LLC on the victory and wish success in professional work, new achievements and further prosperity!
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