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11 December 2018
Support for the Amalgamated Territorial Communities

Following the main  principles of the Social Investment Program "With people and for people", Svarog West Group Corporation continues to provide material and financial support for road repairs and improvements.

Providing sustainable development and forming a friendly attitude to the landlords and communities, Svarog West Group Corporation facilitated the acquisition of 94 tons of crushed stone for the road repairs of Lenkivtsi Amalgamated Territorial Community. Thus, the unpaved roads of several streets in Chotyrboky village and the central street of Lenkivtsi village (Shepetivka district, Khmelnytskyi region) were macadamized and leveled with graders.
“Svarog West Group Corporation is focused on assisting territorial communities, in particular, it helps in improving the condition of roads. Residents of Chotyrboky village are very grateful for such help,” - Mykola Kostyuk commented,  the headman of Chotyrboky village.
Effective interaction with landlords and a constructive dialogue with local governments are based on conscientious and honest implementation of the lease agreements by all parties and social responsibility of the tenant - Svarog West Group Corporation.
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