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26 April 2019
"Easter Basket 2019" holiday campaign

Svarog West Group Corporation has implemented the "Easter Basket 2019" holiday campaign.

The "Easter Basket 2019" holiday campaign has become an annual event and is being implemented for the bright holiday of the Resurrection of the Lord. This year, the festive basket was filled with such goodies as: sugar, sunflower oil (products grown on the fields of the corporation), Easter pastry set. About 25,000 landlords in the Khmelnytskyi, Chernivtsi and Zhytomyr regions received such gifts.
Svarog West Group Corporation congratulates everyone on Easter - the holiday of spiritual renewal and rebirth, bright thoughts and hopes! We have the opportunity to see, feel and appreciate the purity of our thoughts, beliefs and actions in a new way, and also to be kinder, more tolerant, merciful to each other. This wonderful day confirms faith in our souls, fills them with grace, peace and warmth. Bright Resurrection, full of prayer and ineffable joy, once again convinces us that without faith and love, peace is impossible!
Великодній кошик 2019
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