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04 November 2019
Farmers of Svarog West Group Corporation harvested sugar beets

Svarog West Group Corporation had harvested sugar beets and became the leader in the yield of sweet root crops in Western Ukraine.

According to the agronomic service, about 90 thousand tons of sugar beets with a sugar content of 17.6% were harvested from the company’s fields. The average yield in the test weight is 66.5 t / ha. Such indicators for the company are higher than in the past, moreover, this year Svarog West Group Corporation is the leader in sugar beet productivity in Western Ukraine.
“We worked according to the full agronomic scheme, and as a result, we are satisfied with the work done. The future productivity of this crop is influenced by many factors that need to be considered: sowing / harvesting time, cultivation technology that can maximize the potential of hybrids, rational use of agricultural and agrochemical methods.In order to get good yields and high sugar content of sweet root crops, it is necessary, first of all, to make the necessary mineral fertilizers, and subsequently protect the plants from excessive use of herbicides, because, as you know, sugar beets are extremely sensitive to the action of the latter. It is imperative to protect the "sweet" roots from diseases and pests. The leaf surface of the plant must be clean", — said Serhii Filyuk, member of the Board of Directors, CEO of the Crop Production Project.
Good results were the logical summary of a consistent, systematic, and most importantly, timely increase in the level of organization of production and labor discipline, strict observance of the responsibilities of the agronomic and engineering services.
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