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04 March 2019
Fertilization of winter crops

Applying effective fertilizers to the winter crops as needed, you ensure high quantitative and qualitative yield indicators. 40% of winter wheat has already fertilized, 60% - rapeseed. Agrarians of Svarog West Group Corporation are preparing for a complex of spring field works, in particular, for the first important technological stage - harrowing operations.

At the end of the winter period, a cultivated plant, similar to the human body, is experiencing so-called vitamin deficiency. That is why winter crops should be applied with nitrogen fertilizers to enhance crop growth. Specialists of the agronomical and engineering services examined the state of the fields and confirmed that the winter crops are in satisfactory condition, got through a cold successfully.
"To increase crop yields, it is important to use complex mineral fertilizers such as: ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, urea, CAS-32 (a liquid fertilizer which consists of amide and forms of nitrogen; it acts prolonged, - the plants during the growing season are provided with three forms of nitrogen). It adheres to high dosing accuracy and uniformity of placements on the soil surface. 40% of winter wheat has already fertilized, 60% - rapeseed,” - Serhii Filiuk commented, member of the Board of Directors, CEO of the “Crop Production” Project, Svarog West Group Corporation. 
Forecasters predict a gradual increase in temperature. Such situation indicates that soon all the company's units will be attracted to an equally important agrarian stage - harrowing operations in order to retain moisture in the soil which was accumulated in the fall and in the winter. This procedure will improve the structure of the soil and will allow to preserve the moisture that remains after the snow melt. Seeds during sowing campaign should be laid in moist soil.
Now the works for the spring sowing campaign is in action. We are convinced that properly selected, appropriately fertilized crops and the best applied methods of retaining moisture in the soil will allow to get a good harvest.
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