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27 July 2017
First harvest results
Harvesting is confidently going through Corporation`s lands, so round-the-clock early cereal cropping happens in Southern, Central and Northern regions.
Oleh Melnyk, Chief Agronomist of the Agronomical Service Department in Southern region, describes harvesting and its first results:
- In this year, we have good results in Chernivtsi region, even despite of whimsical weather. Early crops harvesting in region is going to be finished soon. There are around 750 ha of winter wheat that needs to be cropped from 5 092 ha. Also we need to thresh all winter rapeseed around 937 ha. We already cropped 450 ha of spring wheat and 300 ha we plan to crop in favorable weather conditions as soon as possible.
Oleksandr Melnyk, Chief Agronomist of the Agronomical Service Department in Central region, describes harvesting process:
- Our region justified all our expectations and prognoses about harvesting level. We started combining according to schedule. Early cereals grinding is almost done. We cropped near 3,1 ton/ha of winter rapeseed from 105 ha of grain. Winter wheat harvesting reached the 8 ton/ha mark. We are finishing peas cropping that we sowed near 1180 ha (near 4,5 ton/ha of average yield). Soil is getting ready to winter rapeseed sowing.
Fylymon Antoniuk, Chief Agronomist of the Agronomical Service Department in Northern region, comments beginning of harvesting:
- Northern factories just begun early grain crops harvesting. But obviously, we have fair yield in this year. Our company has good yield because of precise nurture technology and precision farming practice implementation on our territories.
Harvesting goes confidently in Svarog West Group Corporation. The first sign of harvesting completely justified farmers` expectations.
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