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22 August 2019
Flashback in the past or history of Orshivtsi dairy farm

Farm in Orshivtsi village (Kitsman district, Chernivtsi region) belongs to "PJC "Myrne"", LLC, (Svarog West Group Corporation). The enterprise has the status of stud farm for breeding Ukrainian Red-Pocked dairy breed.

Orshivtsi is a village that lies on the left bank of the Prut River, 13 km from the regional center, 3 km from the Orshivtsi railway station. In written sources, the village is mentioned in 1638. The long history of successful farming began with the creation of the Victory collective farm in 1948. Line of work — crop production and livestock. The artel has 1 408 hectares of land (including 1 222 hectares of arable land), about 740 cattle, 810 pigs.
The origin of the herd. On the farm, the main livestock was Simmental breed with mediocre milk yield in the range of 2 500-2 700 kg of milk per cow; it was noted for its good adaptability to local conditions, but not enough in conditions of industrial technology. In order to increase the efficiency of cattle breeding, specialists and farm managers carried out search work on the re-equipment of livestock buildings and at the same time on the creation of a new breed of milk production line, adapted for use in industrial technology. The improvement of Simmental breed was carried out by crossing them with the producers of the Montbeliard breed, and then using the producers of the Red-Pocked Holstein breed. As a result of the planned work to improve the herd of dairy cows in 1992, Ukraine approved the Ukrainian Red-Pocked dairy breed. Considering that the mother base of the breed in Bukovina region was used Bukovinian type of the Simmental, which by many signs differed from the animals of the central zone of Ukraine, therefore, selection work continued in Chernivtsi region to form the Carpathian Red-Pocked dairy breed, which at the end of 1999 by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food commission has been approved as an interbreed type.
Orshivskyi Agricultural Cooperative (formed during the reorganization of the Victory collective farm) thanks to the goal-oriented long-term cooperation with the best breeders of Ukraine, including the Bukovinian Institute of Agro-Industrial Production of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, has become a leading breeding farm. So, in 2002, milk yield per cow amounted to 5 168 kg, when the average milk yield per cow in other agricultural enterprises was 2 472 kg. Subsequently, the farm in Orshivtsi village became the property of "PJC "Myrne"", LLC.
Over the period of work, "PJC "Myrne"", LLC has achieved good results in terms of production indicators. Today, milk yield per feed cow is 6 800 kg. The company permanently carries out work to achieve a high genetic potential for milk production of cows:
  • targeted selection according to the minimum number of indicators, namely the level of milk production taking into account fat content, body type, reproductive functions;
  • the use of high-value producers to obtain high-quality offspring;
  • culling of unproductive animals (25-35%);
  • directed cultivation of repair young animals.



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