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30 September 2019
Harvesting campaign is at the finish line

Svarog West Group Corporation had threshed early grains and almost completed the harvesting campaign of late crops.

Hot summer season was marked for Svarog West Group Corporation not only by extreme weather, but also by the successful conduct of the harvesting campaign.
Threshed early crops using traditional cultivation technology: winter/spring barley, winter/spring wheat, mustard, winter rapeseed. Organic threshed crops: winter/spring wheat, spelt, flax.
"The harvesting campaign of early grains in our company ended. Now we are collecting late industrial crops: soybean, sunflower, sugar beet, corn, Styrian pumpkin. Thanks to well-coordinated work we have good results for the current harvest",Serhii Filyuk said, member of the Board of Directors, CEO of the Crop Production Project, Svarog West Group Corporation.
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