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07 March 2019
Health Care Centre for the rural community

Recently, Svarog West Group Corporation helped improve the medical facility in Lotivka village

Today, in rural areas with low population density, it is often necessary for their residents to make medical care more accessible and patient care more comfortable. So, in Lotivka village (Shepetivka district, Khmelnytskyi region), the community decided to reorganize its outdated medical facility, and Svarog West Group Corporation decided to support this initiative by transferring the building of its own enterprise to a Health Care Center.
Within the program “With people and for people”, the company provided the office building, construction materials and the workers for implementation comfortable treatment conditions in Lotivka village. Emergency medical assistance is provided at the pre-medical stage at the medical facility.
The Social Investment Program "With people and for people" provides consultative, organizational and financial-material support to the territorial communities, and also contributes to development of the human settlements, improves and solves social problems in the territories of the company's activities. 
ФАП Лотівка
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