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03 December 2019
High oleic sunflower market segment development

Svarog West Group Corporation and Syngenta talk about the prospects for growing high oleic sunflower.

Despite the popular belief that part of Ukraine is unfavorable for high oleic sunflower cultivation, statistics prove the opposite — every year the area under oilseeds is steadily increasing. It’s just that certain regions have a more favorable climate for these varieties, and in some areas high profitability can be obtained, on the contrary, by cultivating ordinary sunflower.
An important component of the successful high oleic sunflower cultivation is the selection of seeds with a high genetic yield potential and oleic acid content, as well as the purity of the seeds, which is guaranteed by Syngenta, which has a large portfolio of sunflower hybrids. The hybrid is selected, taking into account the type of soil and climatic conditions of a particular region. Changes in climatic conditions and economic factors force farmers to look for highly productive sunflower hybrids.
When Svarog West Group Corporation decided to switch to the path of growing high oleic, Syngenta helped to select the most suitable and profitable hybrids.
“2019 turned out to be quite successful for Ukrainian sunflower oil producers — product premiums were growing, demand for high oleic oil in the European market, which is the main consumer of the Ukrainian product, was established at a high level. This year our company has a good yield of this crop — 4, 4 t / ha. First of all, we want to thank Syngenta, which successfully selected a hybrid for us. We always pre-test all varieties and hybrids. Every year we sow about 30-40 demo sites. And choose the most appropriate one. This year we grew NK Ferti. We sowed Tutti in previous years. As you know, for Ukraine climatic conditions, the latter are the most high-yielding hybrids for traditional cultivation technology", — Svarog West Group Corporation.
Syngenta and Svarog West Group Corporation are convinced that one of the most important achievements in the agricultural business is good business and friendly relations with partners. Only forward and upward to high yields, achievements and victories for the good of the Motherland!

High oleic sunflower is a type of sunflower with more than 82% omega-9 oleic acid (monounsaturated fatty acid) and low omega-6 linoleic acid (polyunsaturated fatty acid) in oil. The advantage of this type of sunflower is that high oleic hybrids are bred by traditional selection methods, and not by changing the genetic code. The genetic potential of the oleic acid content in the oil of such sunflower hybrids is the highest among all oilseeds - up to 95%.
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