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12 December 2017
III Annual Agrarian Tax Conference

December 8, 2017 ProAgro Group Information Company held the III Annual Agrarian Tax Conference.

The III Annual Agrarian Tax Conference, which was held at Kyiv Golf Center, was visited by UMG AGRO, UCAB, Arnika, Baker Tilly Ukraine, Agroprodservice, Kernel, Svarog West Group, and others.
A significant part of the event was devoted to discussing the financial document, namely the State Budget of the country for 2018, which was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on December 7. Financial innovations caused a wide resonance among speakers, moderators and the conference participants.
Oleksandr Vodzinskyi, Chief Legal Officer of Svarog West Group Corporation, discussed key aspects of agrarian work in 2017: illegal market and its impact on companies, the system of blocking tax bills and  tax compliance in the sector. Roman Golubenko (Arnika) and Olena Kaskinen (Baker Tilly Ukraine) also actively took part in the debate of this issue, the participants contributed their own informative cases to an audience, listened and  supplemented speeches of their colleagues.
Svarog West Group Corporation thanks the organizers of the III Annual Agrarian Tax Conference for an excellent atmosphere, high level of organization. The company wishes  special encouragement and a lot of opportunities for holding such relevant conferences.
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