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14 June 2019
Implementation of the Food Safety Management System based on the HACCP

In order to implement the Law of Ukraine "On Basic Principles and Requirements for Safety and Quality of Food Products" and regulatory acts adopted in pursuance of this Law, enterprises in the structure of the Processing and Storage Department of Svarog West Group Corporation organized activities to develop, implement and the use of permanent procedures based on the principles of the Food Safety Management System based on HACCP.


Internal benefits of the implementation of a Food Safety Management System covers: food safety parameters at all stages of the life cycle - from the production of raw materials to the use of the product by the end user; the use of measures, and not late actions to correct the defect and return products; availability (confirmation) of documented evidence of compliance with the requirements of technical regulations, legal requirements and control of the entire production cycle; improving management efficiency through the assessment and analysis of the enterprise’s activities in the context of individual processes, transparency and clarity of the functions performed by personnel; reduction of financial losses from marriage due to the complex of measures for the timely elimination of nonconformities, corrective actions, measures for its prevention; error-free detection of critical processes and concentration on their basis of the resources and efforts of the enterprise; significant savings due to a reduction in the share of marriage in total production.
External benefits: increasing consumer confidence in their products; growth of investment attractiveness; creating a reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality and safe food; additional benefits when participating in international tenders.
In addition, the HACCP system allows the development of prerequisite programs that create favorable conditions for the management of personnel, production, procurement and sales.
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