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18 December 2017
National Folk and Ethnographic Ensemble "Kalina" just turned 30!

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the folk and ethnographic ensemble the celebration was held on December 16, 2017. Also due to this great circumstances the folk group was conferred the honorary title "national". The festive event was held in the House of Culture of Chotyrboky village, Shepetivka district.


Years pass, but sincere and wise folk song lives forever. Each folk song is immortal and euphony, and exactly this type of traditional song popularized folk ensemble "Kalina" (which is from Chotyrboky village, Shepetivka district) for forty years throught Shepetivka district and also far beyond its borders. 
During the event all those present had the opportunity to enjoy the concert program and get acquainted with the history of creation and development of people's amateurs. The ensemble "Kalina" has 22 members now. Every year the level of singers performing skills is growing, as  Diplomas and Gratitudes for the participation in festivals and competitions at various levels reflected. "Kalina" participated in various district and regional holidays, exhibitions of agriculture, festivals, competitions of patriotic and folk songs, theatrical and literature and arts performances. The events were held in the territory of Shepetivka,  Khmelnytskyi, Transcarpathia, Poltava, Ternopil and Kyiv. Andrii Redko has been leading this ensemble since 1978.
Repertoir of the ensemble basically contains Ukrainian folk songs, songs of the native village, author's works, local rituals theatricalization, chastooshkas, folklore and ethnographic compositions.
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary the representatives of Svarog West Group Corporation came to congratulate National Folk and Ethnographic Ensemble "Kalina", thanked them for so many years of dedicated work, high professional skills, continuous creative search, active cultural and artistic activity, a significant contribution to the enhancement of spiritual values and the development of the culture of the Ukrainian people. The company's Board of Directors noted that this National Folk and Ethnographic Ensemble is full of en extraordinary flair and love for the native land and special kind of authenticity. On this festive day Svarog West Group Corporation team wishes all participants and ensemble leaders sound health, longevity, happiness, kindness and inspiration, new creative ups, interesting projects and may all cherished desires come true!
Калина - 30 років
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