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28 November 2018
On guard of public order

CF PPO "Svarog-Zakhyst" has been working for seven years in a row and assisting law enforcement agencies, protecting the interests of the population. Svarog West Group Corporation promotes public order, which is a necessary factor for stability in the development of communities.

On the basis of cooperation between the police and the CF PPO "Svarog-Zakhyst", a joint project is in operation to protect the rule of law of the city and the region with the assistance of Svarog West Group Corporation. The rule of law in Shepetivka, with the creation of the CF PPO "Svarog-Zakhyst", received significant reinforcement.
The CF PPO "Svarog-Zakhyst" patrols the streets every Friday and Saturday, guarding public order and preventing offenses in the city and region. The main purposes of this formation are: provision of assistance to the National Police in ensuring public order and security; awareness-raising campaigns on criminal offenses committed or under preparation; assistance in the identification of criminal offenses, the search for persons who have committed a crime.
The CF PPO "Svarog-Zakhyst" is a qualified team of 17 people. All of them have uniforms with identifying marks clearly indicated name of the formation, identity cards and cars for mobile movements. The high level of work carried out by the participants of the formation is an example set for the young generation. Also, on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the creation of the CF PPO "Svarog-Zakhyst", four of them were awarded for conscientious fulfillment of their duties," - Volodymyr Romaniuk, the Chief of the CF PPO "Svarog-Zakhyst" commented.
On November 28, 2011, the executive committee of Shepetivka City Council made a decision to approve the project of creating a public unit for the protection of public order "Svarog-Zakhyst". It acts on the basis of Svarog West Group Corporation and operates under the Law of Ukraine "About participation of citizens in protection of public order and frontier".
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