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25 February 2019
Organic agricultural products of Svarog West Group Corporation

In 2019, Lotivka Organic, LLC passed the certification process and obtained the official status of the producer in the field of organic crop production.


According to the results of inspection and certification procedures regarding the declared activity in the field of organic production of Lotivka Organic, LLC, provided by Svarog West Group Corporation specialists a package of documents in accordance with the requirements of the certification body, an inspection report and a final assessment of compliance with the Standard equivalent to the EU Regulations were drawn up. In 2019, a positive certification decision was received - Lotivka Organic, LLC obtained the official status of the producer in the field of organic crop production on an area of 1,746 hectares.


The top management of the company is convinced that organic production has a promising future. We can confidently say that organic products have a high export potential. For example, in 2018, Agrofirma Hizivshchyna, PE, which is part of Svarog West Group Corporation, located in Lyubar district (Zhytomyr region), produced 3,760 tons of organic products which was successfully exported to the EU.
In 2019, Agrofirma Hizivshchyna, PE plans the cultivation of organic soybean, which is in great demand in Europe. The specialists of Lotivka Organic, LLC sowed winter spelt on 265 hectares. The planting of such organic crops is also planned: spring wheat (360 hectares), buckwheat (50 hectares), soybean (90 hectares), pumpkin (250 hectares), flax (490 hectares), phacelia (15 hectares).
Using organic technology in production, the company is taking steps to achieve the 12 Sustainable Development Goal (ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns). Organic production combines the best practices, taking into account the preservation of the environment, the level of biological diversity, the preservation of natural resources.
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