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05 April 2019
Payment of taxes in 2018

In just 12 months, 2018 enterprises of Svarog West Group Corporation paid over UAH 209.2 million to budgets of all levels.

All enterprises of the group pay taxes according to the Tax Code of Ukraine, and from year to year they successfully confirm the statuses of conscientious taxpayers. The list of taxes paid includes: a single social contribution, a value-added tax (VAT), a tax on profits, a single tax of 4 group, a war tax, a tax on personal income and others.
At the same time, taxes paid by enterprises, which are received by local and state budgets allocated for the construction of new roads and state defense, for pensions and payments for social needs (improvement of social services, kindergartens, schools, medical institutions, houses and clubs), etc.
Svarog West Group Corporation will be guided by established standards of tax behavior to maintain the status of socially responsible business.
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Сплата податків 2018
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