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23 July 2018
Personnel training at Svarog West Group Corporation

Svarog West Group Corporation considers education as a valuable tool for business development. This approach integrates both training program and staff development into the overall development strategy of the company. 

The company believes that a well-constructed training system improves competence of all staff, their loyalty, finding and developing new talents, and strengthening the competitive advantage of the corporation.
The training and development program is based in accordance with the strategic goals of the corporation. The corporate standards and benefits of an individual approach are an integral part of the training program. All employees are given an opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills through participation in workshops, seminars, conferences, master classes and exhibitions that provide a way to share experiences and better use of practices.
Every employee can participate in:
  • general corporate training programs (workshops, seminars, master classes);
  • specialized courses;
  • public educational events.
This year, such trainings were held for the engineering and agronomic services of Svarog West Group Corporation:
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