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04 September 2018

The company was founded in 2005 as a farm "Trakt", renamed into "FG Trakt", LLC in 2014 and became a part of Svarog West Group Corporation.

"FG Trakt", LLC is an agrarian enterprise whose activities are carried out on the territory of Krasiliv region (Khmelnitskyi region). The company is engaged in the cultivation of cereals, namely winter and spring wheat, industrial crops (soybean, winter rapeseed, sunflower), as well as  honeybee pumpkin and sugar beet.
"The process of economic activity 2017 of "FG Trakt", LLC ended with profit. These revenues derived from the sale of grown and assembled products, in particular, in 2017, 58 092,00 centners  of winter wheat and 68 719,80 centners of corn for grain were harvested. The land is being processed by the modern technology of "Seredynetske", LLC and its partners, and the grain is stored at the bread-making enterprises, where the implementation takes place," - Yurii Savchuk, Director of "FG Trakt", LLC says.
The enterprise consistently and systematically expands the production capacity and takes care of ensuring the high quality of products.
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