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04 June 2018
ProSvarog: "Lotivka Elite", LLC

One of the largest enterprises of Svarog West Group Corporation is "Lotivka Elite", LLC. It  has an effective production potential, formed by a team of professionals, the latest technology and love to its business.

"The land, where success is treated" in a few words gave a description of "Lotivka Elit", LLC, correspondent of the regional mass media. Actually, the enterprise known throughout Western Ukraine is the face of the company, the main direction of it is crop production. "Lotivka Elit", LLC is a faithful taxpayer to the local and state budgets.
"Lotivka Elit", LLC is a successful enterprise, a farm in the grain-growing regions of Shepetivka, Polonne, Liubar, which has about 500 employees, and in the production season - 700. Using modern technology and introducing progressive technologies for growing cereals, the enterprise increases yield.
Considerable attention is paid to innovation and rational use of resources. Therefore, the structure of "Lotivka Elit", LLC has its own agrochemical laboratory that performs soil analysis,  this is related to that fact that the company introduced precise farming and it is impossible without a qualitative study of the soil. The Soil Analysis Laboratory was established in 2013, taking into account the experience of leading European companies in this field. In the laboratory, soil analysis is carried out for the main agrochemical and physicochemical indicators, analysis of the chemical composition of plant material, organic and mineral fertilizers, meliorants. Sampling of soil is carried out taking into account ground cancellations, features of a relief and history of a field, with fixation of geolocation data. The results of soil analysis are transferred to the Center for Precision Agriculture, where the rates for the introduction of mineral fertilizers are calculated on their basis, and task cards for differentiating each field are created. Thus, the company maintains high levels of crop production efficiency and provides similar services to other farms.
"Lotivka Elit", LLC – a seed plant, which is the largest in the west of Ukraine, where grain is stored. The purpose of building such a plant was to form a closed cycle of industrial seed production: field-plant-field. So, experts of the plant begin to work from the field. Grain varieties are investigated, the most favorable for productivity and tolerant to the climatic conditions of the region are selected. The seed plant is situated in Lotivka Village (Khmelnytskyi region), production capacity: from 10 to 15 tons of seeds per hour, focused on cleaning, calibration, etching and packing cereal, pulse and grain legume crops. A workshop for the development of niche crops has been built, in particular, a line for processing pumpkin seeds gymnosperms have been installed. The plant regularly modernizes the production processes, the material and technical base is constantly expanding. And the control over production is conducted so: only 5 person works in change, as the basic processes are automated. The seed plant provides grain processing services, packing in big bags and sacks, and also conducts laboratory tests of grain quality.
- During the period of work at the enterprise, you understand that agribusiness enjoys a good harvest, which inspires the team to achieve and overcome all difficulties. Our company can not work on land without valuables that see respect for the landlords, the communities in which we operate," - Ivan Klyap comments, Director of "Lotivka Elit", LLC.
"Lotivka Elit", LLC has very hardworking specialists, professionals of agronomic business who are interested in the development and prosperity of their enterprise. Agronomists working in the fields of society always take a prudent and responsible attitude towards the planting campaign preparation and grain collection, because the land requires not only processing, but also love. By the way, Lotivka Village received the "Agrarian Village of the Year 2016" award in the framework of the "Village Auditor" project.
ТОВ Лотівка Еліт
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