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13 March 2018

"PJC "Myrne"" LTD, part of Svarog West Group Corporation, is located in three districts of  Chernivtsi region - Kelmenytskyi, Sokiryanskyi and Kitsmanskyi. The enterprise has the status of stud farms for breeding Ukrainian red-and-white dairy breed.


The main management practices are connected with dairy cattle breeding, horse breeding and other animal breeding of the horse family, mixed agriculture, auxiliary activities in crop and livestock farming, the production of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds.
The enterprise employs more than 200 personnel. The scale of production capacities is constantly growing, 18 cowsheds and 7 milk blocks are functioning. All production and economic processes are provided by the machinery operation, in particular tractors, combines and agricultural units.
With the purpose of introducing innovative technologies, effective techniques for effective dairy cattle breeding creating a highly productive herd of the Carpathian type of the Ukrainian red-and-white dairy breed according to the milk yield level of 6.5-7.0 thousand kg for lactation are used. Systematically it provides information and advisory services to managers and employees of the economy, experts get acquainted with the latest achievements of domestic and foreign best science practices.
The farm provides different efficient feeding regimes and implements free-access feeding for animals using modern feeding systems, it improves the conditions for keeping and servicing animals, also it makes great impact on the working conditions. Consistently new forms and methods of work  are being introduced reducing the cost of manufacturing and saving resources.
"Currently, the total number of livestock is 3261  heads of cattle including 1200 heads of dairy herd and 2061 heads of heifers and young cattle," says Vadim  Voloshin Director of "PJC "Myrne"" LTD. Today, the feed for one forage cow is 6,300 kg with a fat content of 3.9%. In the future, it is planned to increase the number of livestock in the main herd, improve production processes, modernize the premises, in particular, we are planning to introduce best livestock technologies The company is implementing modern methods, using the latest technology, implementing projects to ensure the preservation of the gene pool of animals, improving their health and livestock products quality, animal productivity using existing breeding methods, improving productive qualities of animals  techniques and methods for estimating an animal's genetic potential".
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