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05 November 2018

Podillya-Agroproduct, Private Production and Commercial Company is a successful agraricultural enterprise in Krasyliv city, which is part of the vertically-integrated structure of Svarog West Group Corporation.

The roar of motors, streamlined forms of modern technology, speed, maneuverability, efficiency - all this about Podillya-Agroproduct, PPCC, which carries out post-harvest activities aimed at preparing agricultural products for their initial implementation.
The enterprise is located on the site of the former real estate of bakeries - Krasyliv station "Zagotzerno", which was founded in 1936. In 1999, the enterprise was stately registered as a Private Production and Commercial Company, Podillya-Agroproduct. Carries out its activities in accordance with the statute, which provides for the provision of storage services for grain and products for processing. The company has the following structural units: grain reception, drying, cleaning, warehousing, shipment. Modern equipment and innovative technologies meet all agrotechnical requirements.
Certified and accredited laboratories, dryers, as well as modern weight systems are the focus of the  Podillya-Agroproduct, PPCC. For example, DSP-32 stationary open-type grain dryer with the efficiency of 32 t / h is designed to reduce the moisture content of the grain to a value that provides its long-term storage. All grain is undergoing laboratory research on quality.
"A qualified team of the company always tries to do its utmost, using the best technology in various processes, and we work hard to be the best in our segment. To become the first, we never stop learning and change for the better, improve our production processes. I am proud of my employees, I am happy to work with people who know what and how to do to achieve high results. My job is to provide decent working conditions," - Andrii Kucheruk commented, CEO of  Podillya-Agroproduct, PPCC.
ПВФК Поділля-Агропродукт
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