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11 September 2017

Svarog West Group Corporation is a managing company that unites about 30 enterprises in 3 regions of Ukraine, each of them has its own production direction, character and soul. So, we begin to introduce  the company's capacities in the ProSvarog project. Welcome to the seed plant!


2012. In Loivka village (Shepetivskyi District, Khmelnytskyi Region) this year there was put into operation the most powerful in Western Europe  Svarog West Group corporation’s  seed plant. Today, 5 years later, the plant is one of the leading enterprises of the corporation with a well-adjusted process of seed processing and own research, both in laboratory conditions and in demonstration areas.


With an average productivity of 15 tons per hour and with a seasonal passability of 25,000 tons, the newest high-tech equipment of the plant allows high-quality cleaning, calibration, shredding and packing of seeds of cereals and legumes.


At that time when in the three shifts the accuracy and sequence of processes are monitored by 15 employees of the plant, the research of quality of products is carried out by 6 specialists in laboratory research.


"The uniqueness of our plant is, above all, is in the use of the high-end equipment of the firm Cimbria (Denmark). Also, in our arsenal is an optical-sorting machine Scan Master (Japan), which allows you to be sure of the quality of the final product", comments  Petro Kharus, Director of the plant.


The main direction of the seed plant operation is the preparation of seeds for the provision of Svarog West Group corporation with high quality seedlings, which is confirmed by annual record-breaking yields. At the same time, the seed plant provides a wide range of services to external clients and partners for cleaning and sorting, calibrating, scouring and inlaying, as well as packing and storing products. The subject of individual pride of the company is the line of niche cultivations, including Gymnospermous pumpkin.


The enterprise continuously works on improving the technological processes to the highest standards of quality.


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