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18 April 2018

Seredynetske, LLC specializing in agricultural and transport services to a group of companies, is one of the first enterprises which became a part of Svarog West Group Corporation, providing the whole range of necessary work.

Seredynetske, Limited Liability Company entered Svarog West Group Corporation in 2004 as a technical department and today has 7 modern MTS with all necessary infrastructure, which are located in two regions - Chernivtsi and Khmelnytskyi (Southern, Central and Northern regions)
The number of workers in the enterprise is one of the largest in the group of companies. Seredynetske, LLC has about 650 employees - qualified professionals - specialists of their business!
The agricultural machinery park has about 600 units, including 200 units of self-propelled machinery. The high-performance modern technology of such world brands as: CLAAS, CASE, New Holland, Challenger, John Deere, Horsch, Lemken, Kunh, Gaspardo, Unia is used. At the enterprise continuous improvement measures improve the technological processes in accordance with the highest quality standards. Modern equipment and innovative technologies meet all agrotechnical requirements.
The staff annually acquaints themselves with the latest technologies of modern agrarian business and increases professional qualification level at international exhibitions and seminars, examines the experience of leading Ukrainian and foreign agrarian companies. Participation in such events always provides an opportunity to get acquainted with advanced technologies and improve business communications.
"This enterprise opens possibilities to grow professionally in the agrarian sector, and we constantly motivate our employees to achieve high performance levels, so the company's engineering services have recently undergone training in Belgium, such visits, training, and exchange of experience contribute to the professional growth of specialists, that utilize knowledge for optimization agro-technological processes, increase crop yields due to the use of innovative technology with a world-wide name. Also in March 2018, a delegation that included the employees of Seredynetske, LLC have increased their qualification at DEULA-Nienburg GmbH in Nienburg, a center of practical agricultural training in Germany. Experts of the company adopt the best practices in the area of using latest agrarian technology and engineering," - comments CEO of Seredynetske, LLC Sergii Ishchuk  .
The company is proud of its numerous rewards and gratitudes for its significant contribution to the agribusiness development, the achievement of high indicators in the production of agricultural items.
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