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05 March 2019
Results of the career guidance projects of Svarog West Group Corporation, 2018

Svarog West Group Corporation summed up the results of the career guidance projects “Conscious Choice” and “My Career in Svarog” in 2018.

The company's specialists visited 47 schools of Khmelnytskyi and Chernivtsi regions with presentations under the "Conscious Choice" project, conducted 14 excursions for more than 600 students, and also presented the program "My Career in Svarog" in higher education institutions, where dozens of students use the facilities industrial specialties of various courses have been trained.
The career guidance project "Conscious Choice" consists of two stages. The first stage begins with the presentation of the project to students of general education schools and their parents, the goal of which is to attract young people to the conscious choice of their future profession, followed by the definition of agricultural specialties. The second phase of the project provides sightseeing tours for students of the 9th and 11th grades at the production facilities of the company. To direct school graduates to a conscious choice of their future profession in the agrarian sphere is the task of HR specialists of the corporation, because the profession of agrarians is not a specialty, but a vocation of the heart. Therefore it is extremely important to seriously choose the future vocation.
In the framework of the "My career in Svarog" program in 2018, dozens of students of industrial specialties of various courses passed the practice in the company. The trainees "pumped" their knowledge and skills, tested their strength in the branches of agriculture (crop farming, livestock farming, fruit farming). The main objective of the program is to search for talented young people and integrate the staff development system into the development strategies of Svarog West Group Corporation. Specialists of the company contributed the best trainees to the personnel reserve.
In order to identify, support and implement innovative projects in the agro-industrial sector, the "Box of Ideas" contest was held in 2018. Now the new acceptance of project applications begins.
The company supports youth, adjusts and encourages them to be conscious in the choice for a career!


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