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04 December 2017
SCHOOL OF EMPLOYMENT with Svarog West Group Corporation

Svarog West Group Corporation encourages young generation of specialists to make a conscious choice of profession. Within the framework of corporate social responsibility program "Conscious choice", the representatives of the agro-holding  informed students from Chernivtsi and Khmelnytskyi regions about professional success in agribusiness,  provided valuable advice and recommendations.

Corporate social responsibility is a global trend of modern business. Svarog West Group Corporation also strengthens social policy of the company and supports stable development of communities. Consequently, the company continues activities to encourage young professionals to cooperation. In particular, in the framework of the program of corporate social responsibility - "Conscious Choice", representatives of the agricultural holding talked with the students from more than 30 schools in Chernivtsi and Khmelnytskyi regions.
Students from these educational institutions were suggested watching presentations and video materials about the Corporation and its activities, about newest alternative technologies and advantages of maintaining agribusiness.
Representatives of the agroholding told students (grades 9 – 11) that the choice of profession must be conscious, they showed  perspectives and peculiarities of employment in agrarian sphere, acquainted students with educational projects, demonstrated specificities of applied practical work in the company, internship of young specialists and advantages of creating a successful modern career in the Corporation. Being curiously aware of the principles of innovations and openness of the Corporation, systematic improvements of professional skills - students actively participated in the discussion, asked questions and listened carefully to the lecturers' answers. By the end of 2017, the specialists of the Corporation plan to visit 46 schools in two regions with vocational guidance lectures.
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