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17 August 2017
Spring barley. Done!

 Field workers of the Svarog West Group Corporation have completed the harvest of spring barley with record yields. If the average yield of this crop in Ukraine in 2017 is about 6 t/ha, then this year the Svarog yielded 8 t/ha.

The main reasons for such a phenomenon are observance with the technology of cultivation - the availability of scientifically grounded crop rotation, high quality soil cultivation, the optimum amount of fertilizer application, the correct application of plant protection products, the correct formation of the varietal composition of culture and the professionalism of specialists in grain harvesting equipment.
The best results are obtained by engaging in a reliable partnership. Cooperation between Souffle Agro Ukraine and Svarog West Group on growing record brewer's barley crops (the Sebastian variety, the area of 1300 ha) is an excellent indicator of cooperation for the sake of improvement. One should keep in mind that the harvest campaign that continues on the territory of the company justifies all expectations, despite the whimsical and unpredictable weather conditions.
Good partnership produces the best crops!
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