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15 May 2019
Steps to the creation of Brykulia museum

On March 26, 2019, Podilskyi hospodar, LLC (an enterprise that is part of Svarog West Group Corporation) and ZELENE PLESO BRYKULI, Public Organization signed a donation agreement according to which an old house that was built for doctor Viktor Klopotovich, transferred to the village community Brikulia. Residents of the village hope to restore the historic sights, which will decorate the village.

The company’s management considers one of the important areas of its activity to be the promotion of better life in the countryside. After all, the harmonious development of society and business, the preservation of the natural wealth, historical and cultural values of our land for future generations are the goals that underlie the development strategy of Svarog West Group Corporation.
Our homeland is rich in folk traditions, history and historical sights. One milestone of such a story is the doctor Viktor Klopotovich, he was greatly respected throughout the Sulzhinsk volost of Zaslavskyi district, which included Brykulia. Son of a priest. He graduated from the Zhytomyr gymnasium with a gold medal and the Military Medical Academy with the title of "doctor with honors". He made surprisingly accurate diagnoses, difficult received childbirth. He also helped those in need.
The historical value in Brikulia village (Shepetivka district) is an old house that was built for the doctor Klopotovich. To date, the building is in disrepair. Vasily Troyan, Chairman of ZELENE PLESO BRYKULI, Public Organization addressed the company's management with a proposal to transfer the estate to the community for the creation and development of Brykulia museum.
“Now Klopotovich’s house is empty, no one takes care of the trees in the park, planted by a doctor at one time. In the basement of the building live snakes, there is a birch tree sticking out from the well. Here they grew spruce, ash, acacia, which the owner of the yard was engaged in”, - local medical assistant Petro Sinyuta wrote down in 1997.
The village of Brykulia (Shepetivka district, Khmelnytskyi region) is located in a picturesque place in the northern Khmelnytskyi region. Founded in XVI century. By the end of the nineteenth century Brikulia village was the center of the Sulzhinsk volost in Izyaslav district, Volyn province. Historically confirmed that the first settlements of people in this area are known from 100-500 years.
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