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01 December 2017
Support and assistance for special citizens

Every year, in the beginning of December, the International Day of Disabled Persons is celebrated at Shepetivka Regional Center for Social Service (provision of social services). Svarog West Group Corporation joined the event dedicated to people with disabilities.

Practice shows that people with disabilities can and will become complete human beings and highly effective members of society, excellent specialists, socially active and life-affirming people who inspire many, including completely healthy members of society.
People with special needs should feel equal among the peers in today's society, therefore the representatives of the specialized institution, Svarog West Group Corporation and other invited guests translated into reality a short-lived fairy tale. The holiday was filled with smiles, positive emotions and sweet gifts from the agroholding.
From time immemorial mercy, responsiveness, compassion for the weak people were characteristic features of the Ukrainian people. Accordingly, celebration of the International Day of Disabled Persons is a fair honor to society and a reminder for everyone about the debt to people with disabilities who need protection and support in these challenging times.
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