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10 April 2019
SVAROG INSIDER: Accounting Service Center

Paying taxes is the responsibility of every company

Benjamin Franklin, an eminent American statesman, believed that two things were inevitable in life — death and taxes. The last are the main source of the country's budget revenues, a source of its development, and, accordingly, a real contribution to filling the country's treasury.
Svarog West Group Corporation conducts a responsible and transparent business, pays taxes, creates jobs, and also annually receives awards as a conscientious taxpayer, supporting the development of mutually beneficial cooperation between the state and business. The accounting service center is responsible for the agricultural company’s careful compliance with tax behavior.
"Corporation and all enterprises of the group, as legal entities that are on different taxation systems that make payments, pay the main taxes to the budgets of all levels according to the Tax Code of Ukraine. The list of taxes paid includes: a single social contribution, value added tax profit tax , single tax of 4 groups, military tax, tax on personal income and others", - commented Valentyna Tykhoniuk, Chief Accountant Officer.
The funds that the state receives from taxpayers are spent on social needs: the improvement of special services, the support of educational institutions, medical service institutions, the improvement of infrastructure, the defense activities of the state, and the like.
“Given the role of taxpayers in filling the state and local budgets, the need for approval in the society of the ideology of tax payment, the corporation maintains a clear accounting and tax accounting of financial and economic activities. Every year an audit is conducted to monitor the accuracy of the financial statements,” - says Olena Kostyuk, Deputy Head of the Accounting Service Center.
Svarog West Group Corporation, as a successful and modern company with European values, works according to international business standards. Payment of taxes to the budgets of all levels is a reference point of the agricultural holding.
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