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25 June 2019
SVAROG INSIDER: dialogue with the milking machine operator

People who love animals are special, have a noble soul and a sensitive heart

The “Livestock Farming” Project in Svarog West Group Corporation is represented by enterprises (CJSC Myrne, LLC, Podilskyi hospodar, LLC), the main activity of which is dairy farming. Now the corporation operates 10 farms in Khmelnytskyi and Chernivtsi regions. Cattle farms of the company have the status of stud farms for breeding Ukrainian White-Headed, Ukrainian Red-Pocked dairy breed, as well as Ukrainian Black-and-Pocked dairy breed. Today, the dairy herd has 4,300 cows with an average daily milk yield of about 20 liters per head.
The growth of milk production depends on a number of conditions the company adheres to: improving technological processes on farms, improving the quality indicators of the main feeds during harvesting and storage, improving the genetic stock of the herd, developing rations for all sex and age groups of animals and constant monitoring of their introduction on farms, quality veterinary care.
One of these valuable personnel who care for cows are milking machine operators belonging to the category “Skilled Workers”. In total, there are 80 such experts working at the farms - people who do their job well from year to year.
"I love my profession and every day I take my duties responsibly. I respect every animal, because it has long been known that a cow is a bread-winner of every Ukrainian family. Modern milking machines are capable of milking cows quickly and efficiently, without injuring the udder, if they are properly installed, maintained in excellent operating conditions, and used properly. I follow the rules of the milk production flow chart complex; perform veterinary and sanitary work on the care of the udder and the prevention of diseases of mastitis; distribute food; clean cows, feeders; maintain milking machines in proper technical and sanitary condition; carry out rinar treatment of newborn calves; assist animals during calving; help veterinary workers to take preventive measures to prevent animal diseases", - Svitlana Oliinyk says, Milking Machine Operator, Velyka Medvedivka village (Shepetivka district).
SVAROG INSIDER: розмова з оператором машинного доїння
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