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10 July 2019
SVAROG INSIDER: dialogue with tractor driver & engineer of agricultural production

The work of the tractor driver facilitates the hard physical labor of workers and helps to increase its productivity in various areas of production activity

Everyone knows that the greatest wealth on Earth is the earth itself. It's also people who work on it. Anyone who chooses the profession of a tractor driver, must necessarily love and understand the land. A specialist in this area belongs to the category of "Service workers", a versatile worker whose activity is the management of various types of tractors, has the skills to work with different agricultural machines.
"My workplace is a tractor. This multifunctional agricultural machine has been an assistant to the farmer in hard peasant labor for decades. In accordance with the requirements of agricultural machinery and agricultural technology, I independently carry out agricultural work on tractors of different classes. I carry out planned work according to technological maps, based on the received assignment. Before I start working, I check the equipment and carry out all technological settings according to the technological map", — Volodymyr Linnyk comments, tractor driver & engineer of agricultural production, Mokiivtsi MTS.
Now a lot of new equipment is working in the fields of Svarog West Group Corporation, and the requirements for specialists are growing. To be a professional worker, the tractor driver must have a high level of accuracy and coordination of movements, attention capacity, high concentration level, reaction, switching and distribution of attention, excellent visual memory.
Svarog Insider: розмова з трактористом-машиністом
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