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28 May 2019

Strategic financial planning is aimed at solving key financial goals for an enterprise, on the achievement of which its future existence depends

Agricultural, like any other business, has its own specifics. The impact of the weather, which is sometimes difficult to predict, seasonality, prices that are constantly increasing, economic instability in the country - all these factors make it difficult to forecast profits. However, the basic principles, mission and values of the company, continuous improvement of business efficiency should offset the impact of unpredictable risks and work on the development of a group of companies.
In the system of enterprise management, the substantiation of financial indicators, implemented financial operations and the effectiveness of many management decisions are achieved taking into account the results of financial forecasting and planning. These indicators are important components of the management of the enterprise and its units in the direction of identifying opportunities and threats, the level of solvency of the enterprise. Based on the forecast indicators of solvency, liquidity, profitability, rational allocation of working capital, etc., it is possible to form a further development strategy for the enterprise and adjust short-term plans by changing objectives and goals.
"I am convinced that business works not for the sake of beautiful slogans, but for profit. Therefore, we need a proper approach to the financial planning process. Our department’s specialists constantly evaluate the financial condition of the company, predict future values of planned indicators, draw up plans and develop procedures for making adjustments to the their implementation. We aim to keep uncertainties and uncertainties to a minimum and to obtain the best possible results with greater reliability", - Natalia Stepanenko comments, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis Department.
During financial planning and analysis, summarizing financial indicators of a quantitative and qualitative nature are developed and the most effective ways to achieve them are determined. For Svarog West Group Corporation, the process of developing a system of financial plans consists in defining financial goals and formulating a sequence of actions aimed at achieving the set goal.
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