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16 May 2019
SVAROG INSIDER: Processing and Storage Department

The goal of each cereal producer is to harvest and maintain the crop in proper condition in order to get high profits

When the work on the fields is nearing completion, another, no less difficult stage begins, because the grains need not only to be cleaned and brought to the necessary conditions as efficiently as possible, but also preserved throughout the year. Svarog West Group Corporation has 9 certified elevators with a capacity of 270 thousand tons for this purpose. Argentinean technology of storing grain in bags is also used, which allows increasing storage capacity. Many years of experience has shown that technology has many advantages: during the movement of grain into bags, its cooling also takes place; in bags of grain it is well frozen, reaching uniform temperature; sealing allows you to avoid the appearance of foreign organisms. Elevators are located in the zone of developed transport infrastructure (railway lines, highways) and in the areas where lands are being processed.
Experts constantly monitor and apply new technologies that allow you to store grain for a long time, without losing a grain. How the employees of enterprises manage to quickly take a generous harvest and ensure the quality of its storage is told by the Director of the Processing and Storage Department  Leonid Osadchyi.
"Post-harvest grain refinement is carried out in order to bring the grain to the condition, which allows to obtain high-quality raw materials for the food and processing industry; to ensure stable grain storage and reduce losses in both quantity and quality. The elevators of the corporation carry out a certain technological preparation of the grain masses for long-term storage. It consists in preparing the storage facilities for receiving the grain of the new crop, correctly determining the quality of grain coming from the field from the combine harvesters, organizing his eyes drying, pest and disease control, quality control of technological processes and storage”, - comments Leonid Osadchyi, Director of the Processing and Storage Department.
Svarog Insider: Департамент доробки та зберіганні
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