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11 June 2019
SVAROG INSIDER: Supply Chain Department

Our goal is to ensure that tasks are carried out clearly and efficiently

The Supply Chain Department is an independent structural subdivision in company's organization structure, and provides services for the group enterprises.
The main tasks of the department:
  • provision of structural divisions of the corporation with material and technical resources and fixed assets of the required quality and in the required quantity;
  • study of supply and demand for all necessary types of material resources;
  • tenders and supply contracts, the provision of material and technical resources and fixed assets;
  • organization of receipt, storage and distribution of material and technical resources;
  • implementation of projects and programs related to providing the corporation with the resources necessary for its activities.
Svarog West Group Corporation Supply Department consists of three divisions:
  • supply chain inventory division (is responsible for providing raw materials, materials, etc. according to the received applications; monitors stocks of materials and goods);
  • agricultural machinery supply division (responsible for providing machinery, materials, etc. according to the applications received)
  • fuel supply chain division (responsible for providing fuel and lubricants).
“I am sure that partnership with suppliers should be based on trust and mutual respect,” —  Andrii Trofymiuk said, Commercial Officer-in-Charge , Member of the Board of Directors, Director of the Supply Chain Department.
Yurii Vlasiuk, Head of Supply Chain Inventory, Dmytro Valchuk, Head of Agricultural Machinery Supply, and Bohdan Zaklitskyi, Head of Fuel Supply Chain:
"The main goal of purchasing managers is to provide the company's production process with resources (goods and services). In our work we consistently take into account:

• delivery time, because a delay in procurement can disrupt the production schedule, which would entail large overhead costs;
• we adhere to the sizes of deliveries (exact compliance between the volume of deliveries and needs for them)
• select only high quality products;
• carefully examine the market and determine the best sources of procurement;
• when organizing the work of the department, we necessarily take into account logistics in order to reduce additional costs".
Specialists of this department have an analytical mind, work effectively in stressful situations, can quickly identify an unfair counterparty, skillfully plan their activities and prioritize!
SVAROG INSIDER: Департамент постачання
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