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24 December 2019
Svarog West Group Corporation: 2019

Svarog West Group Corporation has summed up the results of its activities in 2019.

2019 year for Svarog West Group group was marked by changes in the Board of Shareholders and good crop yields that were grown using both traditional and organic technologies. In order to implement the Law of Ukraine "On Basic Principles and Requirements for Safety and Quality of Food Products" and regulatory acts adopted in pursuance of this Law, enterprises in the structure of the Processing and Storage Department of Svarog West Group Corporation organized activities to develop, implement and the use of permanent procedures based on the principles of the Food Safety Management System based on HACCP.
Lotivka Elit, LLC is included in the State Register of Seed Growers for 2019, and Agrofirma Hizivshchyna, PE has received Organic Standard permission to use composted straw of its own production in order to improve soil structure, enrich it with nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and effectively grow organic crops.
Svarog West Group Corporation is expanding its technical capacities - 3 Massey Ferguson tractors (MF 8737 MR and MF 8737 S), 8 CLAAS LEXION 760 combines, 4 Berthoud Raptor 4240 self-propelled sprayers, 2 Horsch Maestro 16 SW, 5 Horsch Pronto 6 seeders DC PPF, 8 John Deere tractors (6 John Deere 8345 R and 2 John Deere Premium 6135 B).
The agricultural holding organized campaigns for lessors “Christmas Basket 2019” and “Easter Basket 2019”, employees of the group’s enterprises participated in a charity event in support of soldiers performing combat missions in Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and Svarog West Group Corporation took 2nd place in Corporate Charity nomination based on the results of the Blahodiina Khmelnychchyna-2018 regional competition.
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