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11 July 2017
Svarog West Group corporation began harvesting
 Enterprises of the South region of Svarog West Group Corporation began harvesting of early grain-crops. Company plans to get the good indexes of productivity in all regions of its activities.
The most responsible process of agricultural cycle – harvesting – started recently. The period, when every specialist works on the verge of human possibilities to reach only one goal –  to complete the process, which began a few months ago, and to store harvest without losses. Preparation to organization of reaping campaign, the joined labor of agronomistsand mechanization experts of self-propelled agricultural technique is a mortgage of agrarians’ success.
Traditionally, harvesting began in Kitsman, Kelmentsi and Sokyriany districts of the Chernivtsi area.
Oleksii Sydorchuk, the Chief Agronomist of corporation, comments situation on the fields:
- In general, we are going to harvest about 21 thousand hectares of early grain-crops on corporation presence areas. A situation is folded positively. The observance of crop rotation, high level of professionalism and responsibility of workers allows us to get the best results annually. Therefore, we hope on success of campaign, in fact, we plan to thresh about 900 hectares of rape, 5 000 hectares of wheat, and 750 hectares of brow wheat in the South region.
Liudmyla Iliuk, Senior Agronomists, characterizes a situation in Kitsman district:
- Harvesting began organized. We hope that we’ll be able to complete it in optimal terms. After the start of reaping, it remains to hope on good weather terms, and we will try to do our best to store harvest in time and without losses.
Taken together, the early harvest is going to end in the middle of August on all territory of corporation activities and on the South region during 10-15 days.
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