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15 November 2018
Svarog West Group Corporation celebrated Farm Workers Day

Svarog West Group Corporation celebrated the Day of Agricultural Workers on November 15, 2018 in Shepetivka House of Culture.

In the last autumn days, the whole country has traditionally honored its breadwinners, tender masters, who are engaged in important agrarian affairs every day in the countryside and in the city. Agrarians are people who oppose weather and price disasters, but in such conditions they develop agricultural production.
For Svarog West Group Corporation the key to prosperity is the noble and uncomplicated work of its employees. The company's management expressed deep gratitude to agronomists, mechanics, livestock owners, drivers, for their love of land, endurance and perseverance in their daily work.
The best of the best employees and company teams were awarded with certificates of honor and appreciation from the regional councils, district councils, district state administrations, city councils and partners, and also the "Best employee 2018" of Svarog West Group Corporation.
Attendees at the concert were waiting for pleasant surprises. The highlight of the concert program was participation of the cover band Debosh. At the end, the agrarians were very encouraged by the concluding participation of Olha Tsybulska, a Ukrainian singer, television presenter, winner of the first Ukrainian "Star Factory".
Farm Workers Day is a day to celebrate and be grateful for all the hard work that agricultural workers do. We wish high-quality, high-yielding crops which are the goal for all farmers.
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