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10 December 2019
Svarog West Group Corporation is finishing up land rent payment in kind

Svarog West Group Corporation is finishing up land rent payment in kind (wheat, flour, sugar, corn, etc.).

Transparency and openness — the basis of many years of mutual trust between the lessor and the lessee. The corporation has developed mechanisms to encourage lessors to cooperate — these are:
  • permanent loyalty programs (inheritance renewal, a full range of legal assistance, counseling by the social work department, opening personal card settlement accounts);
  • the possibility of receiving rents in cash and in kind, delivery of in-kind payment to remote village councils, as well as to the homes of lessors who need it;
  • support in critical situations by paying upfront rents.
Viacheslav Diedov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors (Southern Region), talks about how the company settles with the owners of land for leasing shares:
"According to Article 22 of Law of Ukraine on Land Lease, land rent is paid in cash. But by agreement of the parties, payments can also be made in kind. Payment in kind by Svarog West Group Corporation is made for the amount of the lease specified in the lease agreement, by issuing products. The owner of the unit chooses what is best for him (payment in kind / in cash). Since the beginning of the year to May, the company’s specialists collect requests. Each landowner also has the right to receive part of the payment in cash, and part in kind".
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