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23 November 2018
Taking care of the villagers

Providing sustainable development and forming a friendly attitude of landlords and communities, Svarog West Group Corporation established a bus stop in Mykhailivtsi village (Krasyliv district, Khmelnytskyi region).

Within the social program "With people and for people", as well as continuing the best traditions of corporate social responsibility, a new project of support for the community was the establishment of the intercity bus stop.
Weather conditions, rain and heat, make their adjustments in the life of each locality, especially when you have to wait for the arrival of transport. Taking care of the inhabitants of the village, Svarog West Group Corporation improved the local bus stop, providing comfort and safe conditions.
The Social Investment Program "With people and for people" provides consultative, organizational and financial-material support to the territorial communities, and also contributes to development of the human settlements, improves and solves social problems in the territories of the company's activities.
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