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09 May 2019
Thank you for your valor

Svarog West Group Corporation sincerely thanks veterans of the Second World War for their heroic deeds, courage and bravery.

Every year on Victory Day over Nazism in World War II, on this memorable day, we remember those whose lives were taken by the war and bow low to the veterans who carried the heavy burden of war.
We are convinced that today not a single veteran should feel lonely and forsaken. On the occasion of the holiday, the company's specialists visited veterans of the Second World War throughout the company’s presence area with gifts and warm words of gratitude. We must not forget our predecessors, who gave us a precious treasure - freedom.
On the Day of the 74th anniversary of the Great Victory, we thank all the veterans for their heroic deeds and bow low to courage and victory, which has not been extinguished so far. We bow our heads before your valor, wisdom and bravery. We wish you good health and long life!
9 травня 2019
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