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06 July 2017
Traditional detour of Svarog’s fields
An analysis of sowing, possibility of sharing and adopting an advanced colleagues experience is the result of general detour on company’s fields.
Specialists of Svarog West Group Corporation at the head of Oleksii Sydorchuk, Chief Agronomist, made the general detour on company’s fields in Khmelnytskyi and Chernivtsi regions. About 45 specialists participated in detour, among them Deputies of CEO of the “Crop Production” Project, agronomists and mechanization experts of self-propelled agricultural technique. The primary objective of detour became analysis of sowing and preparation to harvesting.
This kind of agrarian workshop gave an opportunity to examine dynamics of sowings, to collectively discuss problems and prospects, to share experience of colleagues and their achievements.
Agrarians have more time for the estimation of sowings of early grain-crops, and planning of work for productive preparation for harvesting because of protracted spring. Conclusion was made that the early grain-growing are in the satisfactory conditions. The complexes of supervision events and prophylaxis of illnesses and wreckers conducted in advance were preceded the timely crops ripening.
Specialists paid attention on the observance of all agrotechnical norms of agricultural cultures growing and on timely realization of harvesting campaign, which will start in a few days in the South region.
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