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20 December 2018
Treat everyone with respect and kindness

December 19, the day of miracles - Saint Nicholas Day, Svarog West Group Corporation visited orphanages with gifts, in particular, the municipal institution "Orshivtsi sanatorium-type boarding orphanage", Antoniny Special Elementary Boarding School and Shepetivka Center for Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children.

Every child is excited about the New Year and Christmas holidays and still wait for a miracle. Students of special institutions, who due to vital circumstances found themselves in orphanages and children with disabilities, are waiting for miracles with hope.
At the initiative of the top-management of Svarog West Group Corporation, a welcome detour was held on the occasion of Saint Nicholas Day. Shepetivka Center for Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children was visited by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Svarog West Group Corporation Mykola Agarkov with Christmas gifts and a computer for the needs of the institution.
He shared the joy of the first New Year's holiday with the students of the Orshivtsi orphanage, Viacheslav Diedov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors (Southern Region), and Serhii Kytaichuk, CEO, Dovira, ALLC, visited Antoniny Special Elementary Boarding School.
The most important things for children were not gifts, but the attention they so need. Remember this.
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