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19 December 2017
Under the care of Saint Nicholas

On the occasion of beloved by all children Saint Nicholas Day the representatives of Svarog West Group Corporation presented sweet gifts to students of specialized educational and rehabilitative institutions.

New Year and Christmas holidays are wonderful and magical, it’s time when faith in a fairy tale is renewed, in the expectation of a miracle all do good deeds. Some believe that one should always live a reality and then there will be less disappointment. Others say that without faith in a miracle, the world becomes dull and uninteresting. Svarog West Group Corporation boldly supports the last thought. The company is sure - do not wait until a miracle appears in your life, you have to create it by yourself. Therefore, on the occasion of the Day of childhood dreams realization, the specialists of the Corporation came to those who mostly need faith in miracles, support and help.
As part of the charitable work "Under the care of Saint Nicholas", the Corporation visited children's homes, in particular the communal institution "Orshivtsi sanatorium-type boarding orphanage" and Antoniny Special Elementary Boarding School.
 With a group of  inmates of Shepetivka Center for Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children, the specialists of the company felt sincere joy of a special and sunny children's holiday and presented sweets to the students.
Magical winter festive time is a period when everyone can give warmth to others, so don’t lose such opportunity!
Під опікою Святого Миколая
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