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15 January 2020
Why do corporation prefer to use drip irrigation system for gardens?

Slow water inflow avoids soil moisture, without displacing oxygen from the root layer of soil, that is, intensive breathing of the root system during irrigation and throughout the growth cycle.

Most of the roots are concentrated directly in the dropper zone, so the root system develops much better. The amount of water consumption and, accordingly, the nutrient microelements are increasing. With this method of irrigation, the rate of absorption of moisture is 95%, while for surface irrigation - only 5%. As a result, the intensity of consumption of water and nutrients increases.
The drip irrigation system helps to avoid water droplets falling on the leaves of trees and fruits, reducing the likelihood of disease spread. Watering can be done even in hot weather without fear of damaging the deciduous tree cover. As water is supplied directly to the root of the tree, the soil between the rows remains dry, that is, it is possible to carry out spraying and mowing in the gardens even during watering.
Photo - https://superagronom.com
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