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26 November 2019
Winter wheat fields condition in Svarog West Group Corporation

According to the results of winter wheat quality inspection (November, 2019), — the grain crop is in good condition.

According to the agronomic service of the company, the fields where winter wheat was sown at the optimum time are now in good condition. Clean from weeds. No pests and diseases have been identified. It wouldn't have been possible without high-quality seed treater for wheat - Maxim Forte 050 FS of Syngenta. Seeds were treated at our seed plant Lotivka Elit, LLC. In August-September, fertilizers were applied (ammonium sulfate, potassium anhydrous ammonia, ammophos, diammofoska), which are well suited to cereals. The moisture reserve (comes from morning dew) in the soil is sufficient, which allows the plant to grow.
Weather conditions contributed to the normal development of cereals, which was due to moderate temperature conditions. Now winter wheat is in the tillering stage, because 3-4 leaves have already formed. 
We will keep our fists so that wintering is successful and loss-free, and we also hope for a good future crop!
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